Why Work With Us

Why Work With Four Bridges, Inc?

We are an award winning firm that works exclusively with Fortune 500 companies here in Poughkeepsie, NY. We specialize in expanding and developing new markets. We focus on sales and  productivity, as well as management and leadership development from within our firm.


What We


  •    Promote from within.

  •    Holidays off

  •    Leadership development

  •    Training within - no prior experiences required

  •    Based on performance not seniority

To Start

What is


  • Meet with customers on a daily basis to discuss their needs for several clients – including telecom, office supplies, energy, solar energy, etc

  • Master our office systems

  • Learn and master how to maintain a client base and client relationships

  • Attend meetings for product knowledge, new resources, and discuss any changes to the campaign and the market

  • Train new employees and develop others

  • Oversee a small to large successful team

  • Develop generated reports to show profitability

  • Understand recruit and interview protocols

  • Participate in training sessions and daily meetings on how to increase productivity

What is


During Development

• Learn financial aspects of business
• Understand business operations and customer services in a fast-paced environment
• Begin dealing with clients as a liaison 
• Comprehend and execute human resources
• Complete daily and weekly data entry and data research
• Continue growth on all aspects previously learned


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