Working Together


At Four Bridges, Inc we work with distinguish brands to build and develop profitable markets. We do this by having all face to face interactions with all their existing accounts, acquiring new accounts, and maintaining a substantial growth rate of new revenue. The use of face to face interactions allows us to be more effective for our clients and represent them with a personalized touch, and setting them apart from their competition.

We look to continue our work with our clients, and help them to expand into at least three new markets within the next year.


Our Beginning

We started in 2008 in Virginia by representing one of the nation’s largest telecom companies. Since then, we have been to Baltimore, MD, Denver, CO, and in 2014, Las Vegas, NV. Proudly representing multiple Fortune 500 campaigns, we hold to our commitments and values to help our clients increase revenue, promote their newest products and services to their market immediately, and surpass the goals we set together. Now, in 2017, we have traveled across the country to New York. In our continued focus on growth and expansion, our goal this year is to have three more expansions.

In every part of our company, we represent our clients with integrity, and show them loyalty with a driving determination to help them grow their revenue. We also, treat each other with the same integrity and respect. Each individual within our company has their own goals and we hold each other accountable to reach them, while helping to build a driving force of determination.

Today, everywhere we look people have goals, and things they want to do and accomplish. From large Corporations to the hard working individuals- hitting these goals is not always easy, but when we hold each other accountable and push each other towards them, great things can be achieved.

We are a growing company, with years of experience. We want to give opportunity to every hard working individual out there. We do hold high standards, and carry ourselves with a focus to accomplish great things.

Note: While we work exclusively with Fortune 500 companies, our contracts are completely private. We focus on what our company offers, and what we look for in people to join us.

What are Your goals?

We have a passion to help you

"Hard work will always overcome talent if talent does not work hard."

Sean Annan

"Be humble. Be Hungry. Always be the hardest worker in the room."

Brandon Smith, CEO

"Motivation requires something from the outside to activate you. Inspiration is an internal energy that keeps you continually fueled."

Camila Romero-Barros

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